DaFruits of Chasing After God’s Best.♥️

3🎧Cues the music
I’m chasing after You!
I’m paving my way through!
Just to be closer to You!
I’m chasing after You!🎧🤗🎊🎉💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💨

Happy new month everyone!
It’s been a couple of months and wow has this year flown.
I mean one minute it was “happy new year!”, and now we’re already in the Berrrrr month’s💨😬.

Now that we are in the final four months of the year it’s my prayer for myself, as much as it is for you, that we accomplish God’s best.
I started the year off by setting myself some goals and by the special grace of God, I have achieved most of them, but there are some goals that I set that I had to do some extra chasing, and I’ve discovered that these goals are apart of God’s best. So what exactly is God’s best?
Well, God’s best is His divine agenda, it’s His perfect will for your life. It’s walking obedience in the Light of His Truth, His Word, His righteousness.
Brethren, in short, God’s best is God’s purpose for each and every one of our lives. Chasing after God’s best requires the following;

. A tenacious spirit
. Patience
. Perseverance
. Prayer warriors
. Praying correct prayers
. Deliverance
. Fellowship
. Walking in the fruits of the Spirit
. Repentance
. Seeking the face of God
. Humility
. Studying to show yourself approved(that’s in His Word and in life as well. God wants you to be just as successful in the Kingdom, as you are academically and in the workplace. There is nothing wrong with getting that degree, masters, PhD, there’s nothing wrong with being a believer an excelling in the workplace. God wants you to take His Word and shine it all around for His glory. Many believers are only thriving in church, God has given us many gifts and talents to bless others with, brethren use it!
If you won’t take my word for it, then take a look at the book of Daniel, Esther, Ruth, Genesis 37).

Unfortunately, there are many Christians and non-Christians alike who don’t even know what their true purpose, and when you do not know what your true purpose is? It is easy for the enemy to deceive you into chasing his best. Chasing after the wrong things is nothing new, it’s been happening since the days of old. Take the book of first and second Kings for example. Over and over again we are introduced to kings that chased after the Lord, over and over again these same kings would later fall into the trap of chasing after the devil. They often fell and never got up, until King David, a man that chased after the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Like many kings before and after Him, he also fell but the difference with King David is that he did run away from God.

Yes, David was ashamed, but he did not allow that shame to take him away from the presence of God. Like Adam and Eve did, when they realised that they had sinned, they hid away from God instead of running back to Him.
It’s dangerous to hide away from God, it’s better to repent, and repentance is what qualified David to receive God’s best, God honoured him with a title that we know so well of even till this day.
God rewarded David with the title ‘A man after God’s own heart.’

You see when you chase after God’s best, which we have acknowledged as being God’s perfect will, you will receive the best honour. Like Moses, he chased after God’s best by accepting to lead the Israelites out of slavery, and that best which he chased after is what caused God to call Moses his very own friend, so much to the point that God would defend him anytime anyone had a bad word to say about him. Now tell me, if that isn’t God’s best then I don’t know what else is.

I’ve learnt that God’s best isn’t necessarily about what you want, it’s about understanding what God wants, and realising that WHAT GOD WANTS IS THE BEST FOR YOU.

Let’s take Jonah, for example, God calls him to prophesy to a stubborn nation and instead of chasing after the call, Jonah runs away from God.
Jonah runs so far away from the Lord that he ends up in the stomach of a whale.😄 You see that’s what running away from God will do to you, take you into the wrong places at the wrong time. Jonah was humbled and prayed all that time he was in the belly of the whale, and It’s by the grace of God that Jonah even came out of it.

Brethren if you don’t pray, then you will stay. You won’t move, and that’s not what God wants for any of His children.

If Jonah did not humble himself and pray, all that time he was in that uncertain and hopeless place, do you know that he would’ve stayed there. God can use anyone for His glory, He can raise up donkeys and rocks if He wants to. So be rest assured if you’re not ready, then there is always someone that will be ready. That being said, after all that time Jonah spent trying to run away from God’s calling, he was right back where The Lord had called him to, he was right back at God’s best.😊 Isn’t that amazing brethren, isn’t the love of the Father like no other!

Brethren, it’s by understanding who you are in Christ that you will begin to discern what to chase after, and what not to chase after. Solomon had great wisdom, but he didn’t have great discernment. If he had discernment then he would not have allowed the love of many women to chase his heart away from the love of God. He failed to discern that chasing after the devil is the gateway to destruction, and there is no mention in the bible of Solomon repenting. It is important to have both wisdom and discernment, that is what will help us to achieve God’s best.

Now we must realise that this was not an easy task, it was never an easy task for prophets to speak to stubborn nations. Jeremiah was just a young man when the Lord called him, you think he didn’t want to run away from the call? Of course, he did, but the Lord encouraged and empowered him, by helping him to understand who he was in God.
Know who you are in Christ and you’ll achieve all that the Lord has called you to be. It doesn’t mean you won’t have to do any chasing along the way, because you will, but in wisdom, in prayer and in discernment you will be able to chase after what is right in the sight of God.

The bible says that you will know them by their fruits, so if we are chasing after God, then we must chase after the very fruits of His Spirit. But many are chasing after the fruits of satan. Many are chasing after all that it says in Galatians 5:19-21. Many have become lovers of the flesh, and it’s so evident in the world today, I mean just look at the corrupt state of it. Even the body of Christ is operating more in the flesh than in the Spirit, may God help and forgive us. Many people are so confused, loving everything that is bad and rejecting everything that is good. We have a young generation that’s striving after foolishness and despising wisdom. We live in a society without morals, and so there is no wonder that many have been persuaded to chase after satan’s lies, the lies that the media feeds you daily.

Brethren I want you to know that it’s never too late to run back to God’s best, and begin chasing after His best all the days of your life until you can proudly say that you’ve finished the good race just like apostle Paul did. It’s never too late, and that’s the deception that the world, that the devil wants you to believe. The truth is that you have a Saviour and His Name is King Jesus. He died on the crossover 2000 years ago so that we can have all of God’s best. He died so that you and I can enjoy the abundance of what it means to have everlasting life, you know the everlasting life that the world so desperately desires but can never find it? It’s because they have not found Jesus Christ.

Brethren, if you are tired of chasing after the devil, if you are tired of living a life without meaning, then I have good news for you. Today, you can get back up again, today you can receive the Lord Jesus as your King and personal Saviour, but you have got to die to self, you’ve got to reject the things of this world in order to receive the goodness of the King, and so I encourage you today, to stop chasing after the temporary things of this world and begin to CHASE AFTER JESUS CHRIST.

Don’t end up in the belly of the whale and stay there, accept His call. Don’t fall and refuse to repent, get up and ask God for forgiveness.

Brethren, the time is now to be all that The Lord has called you to be, and these temporary things that you see that look pleasing to the eye but are really damaging to the soul, brethren that’s not what we ought to be chasing after.
Continue the good fight, keep the pace and get chasing after God.

God bless you and thank you very much for reading.😊

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