DaFruits of Joshua The Great Leader.❤️

I wrote this last year September but I have been prompted by The Holy Spirit to share again.
In the month of September I read the whole book of Joshua, and I praise God for the revelation!
Joshua is a powerful book and I recommend everyone to read it.
I most certainly learnt a lot and The Word most definitely blessed and encouraged me.

This Word gave me the confidence to boldly walk in the calling that God has placed over my life. The book of Joshua taught me a lot about leadership.

Joshua served Moses for a long time, and I believe that as Joshua humbly served Moses, so also did he serve God. God sees our hearts, and He loves a faithful and a humble heart.


Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

Whilst Joshua was serving Moses, God was preparing Joshua for a greater task ahead. God transformed Joshua from a servant to a leader. God can use anyone and anything for His glory. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter where you are when The Lord says “Go” no man can stop you.

Wherever you are right now don’t take it for granted, appreciate humble beginnings.
Rest in Him, rest at His feet, appreciate the season of the wilderness where it’s just you and The Lord.

In the wilderness season you will discover who God is, and by discovering who God is you will discover who you are in Christ you will learn a lot about yourself, the impossible will become possible to you.
I am a living testimony to this, please read my post on DaFruits of The Wilderness, where being alone in Him is the pathway to self discovery in Christ.

Wait patiently on The Lord, and obey Him. The more you obey God, the more closer you will get to where He wants you to be. Yes, there will be challenges but just continue to trust God. Sometimes you will feel as if you are alone but trust me He is always there.
Sometimes the challenge may seem just too big to overcome but believe me, believe His Word for He said in Christ you can do all things, you can do anything, you are living by faith, nothing is impossible!
Just believe in Him, just trust Him, you’ve got to learn to trust Him.

You are an overcomer therefore you shall remain victorious in whatsoever challenge you face. Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world. Don’t run away from your challenge run towards it, and showcase the glory of God through your victory.
He has brought you this far and He does not intend on leaving nor forsaking you. Continue to serve in whatsoever you are doing and when you serve, serve as if you are serving unto God.

I know it’s not easy to serve sometimes, it’s not easy when you are not appreciated. However, just remember that you are serving God, therefore whatsoever you do should be pleasing unto Him. Having a positive attitude towards serving makes your service an enjoyable one. The joy of The Lord is your strength.

Wait until God moves you. There is a purpose in all that you do. Believe that God is preparing you for greatness. You have a God who never fails, and therefore He will never ever fail you. You’ve just got to trust Him, listen to Him, obey Him, and only then will you discover His purpose for your life.

Discover who you are in Christ by giving Him your time, read The Word, guard your heart, and pray.
Talk to God develop your relationship with Him. He knows you, but you will never know who He is if you have never spoken to Him.
Do you desire to know your purpose in life? If so then look to God, only He has the answer.
Have faith and continue to wait until He speaks.
Our generation is too impatient, as Christians we have to learn to wait on God.
For He alone produces the best results.

Serve The Lord with your whole heart.
All that you’ve sown into the kingdom of God is not in vain, God sees and He shall surely reward you. Have patience, listen and witness God transform you into greatness.

His Word is the key to becoming a great leader, open it up and discover the great potential that He has placed inside of you.
You can be all that He said that you can be.

You can become that great leader just like Joshua if only you learn to wait on Him, You can become that great leader just like Joshua if only
you learn to obey Him, serve Him,
You can become that great leader just like Joshua if only you learn to humble yourself before Him, have faith, trust Him, and believe Him.

Glory be to God!❤️🙌🙏

Those that serve The Lord
shall become Great Leaders.


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