DaFruits of Belief.❤️


The Lord took me to this scripture Romans 4:1-4 yesterday night, I read it and it instantly spoke to me.
I wanted to go deeper into His Word but I was so tired, so He said sleep and read it in the morning.
I woke up referring back to this very Word, but I only understood it partially.
So I asked Him if I should read a different scripture, and He said no lol I want you to go back to the same scripture.

I know that His truth can never be revealed without His Spirit, and so I asked for Him to reveal His Word, and this is what He has to say this morning.

What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh? Romans 4:1

For if Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God. Romans 4:2

For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” Romans 4:3

Now to him who works, the wages are not counted as grace but as debt. Romans 4:4

Faith without works is dead, yes that is true but what exactly can we do as Christians to bring our faith to life?

Our faith can never work through the flesh.
Remember we are dead to sin(the flesh), but alive in Christ.
Meaning we are alive in the Spirit.
Whatever happens in the physical has already happened in the spiritual.
It takes one whom is dead to the flesh and alive in Christ to receive this revelation.

Unbelievers do not believe in the spiritual therefore they are unaware of what has already happened, they are blind to the truth.
Unbelievers believe that believers(Christians) are backwards how can we believe in what we do not see?

Oh but we do see, and that mystery can only be revealed through Truth, which is Jesus The Living Word.

It’s almost as if those whom are not alive in Christ are nocturnal.
It’s almost as if unbelievers are living in a totally different world.
We pray that The Lord opens their eyes.

There is a spiritual world as much as there is a physical one.

Christians are set apart, we are different.
We see in the Spirit, we believe in the Spirit, before we see in the flesh, this is faith.

When we believe, supernatural faith is activated, and physical results are produced.

Those that walk according to the flesh can never understand the fruits of the Holy Spirit unless they first die to self.

Once we die to self we will not only understand the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but we will also bear fruits, and walk in His light of righteousness.

Our faith is activated and justified through belief.
No other type of work is required of us to activate our faith except through belief.

Without belief our faith is dead.
No mountains will be moved.
A barren land can never bear fruits.
Miracles can never take place.
A soul can never be won.

We give The Holy Spirit the go ahead to make the supernatural happen when we believe.
Wow, so you see belief plays a major role in Christianity, without it we are unable to go and do what God has called us to do.

Without belief our minds are unstable.
Unstable minds brings forth doubt, and doubt births fear.
Fear is the stumbling block to our faith.
Fear weakens our faith, and stops us from moving forward.

Fear loves stagnancy and procrastination.
Fear hates boldness and progression.

God chose Abraham to become the father of many nations because he believed in the promised Word of God, and this alone activated his faith which birthed his breakthrough.

If Abraham did not believe he would not have been the father of many nations.
If Abraham chose not to believe he would have missed his breakthrough and remained in his hopeless situation.
If Abraham gave up at 99 he would have never seen Isaac at 100!

Do we really understand what it takes to activate our faith?!
Children of God it takes great belief and trust in The Word of God.

God declared Abraham as the father of many nations, but do you know that The Lord has called us to go and reach out to many nations?
And it’s not a case of when we are ready we will go and reach out to many nations.
Like God told Gideon go even in the strength that you have, and I will handle the rest.
All we need to do is go now.
Go and reach out in the workplace, at home, at school, all around us.
Such are the nations.
It’s not a case of when we are ready, because when judgement day comes God will judge us on whether or not we responded to His call.
And whoever confesses Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour has instantly signed up to becoming a proclaimer of Light.

He said go, which means now.
Yes He has called us to proclaim His Light to many nations, and where are the nations?
Referring back to what a guest preacher said at my church yesterday ‘the nations that The Lord has sent us to reach out to is right where we are, because we live in a multicultural society.’

We must not allow fear to hold us back.
There is so much that The Lord wants to use us for as vessels for His glory.
There are so many situations that He wants to turn around in our lives.
There are multitudes of souls He wants us to win for His kingdom,
yes He wants us to win, because He has sent us.
But this cannot be achieved if we do not believe which is the key to activating our faith.

Be anxious for nothing.
A Word that the Holy Spirit continued to speak into my heart yesterday.
Too many Christians are anxious.
Too many Christians are worried.
Too many Christians are overthinking.
He said we must be anxious for nothing, meditate on this Word, pray, and give thanks.

Yes He has sent us but He has not sent us alone, He has given us His Spirt which ultimately and evidently takes care of EVERYTHING.
The task is big He understands that, that is why He has sent us a helper which is the Holy Spirit.
Children of God the Holy Spirit is our best friend, He has got our back.
All we need to do is be ready, trust Him, and obey.

We all have a calling, all we need to do is answer the call, and when He calls we must believe.

We must put our trust in His Word of promise.
No matter how crazy His promise may sound, no matter how long it may take, we must trust His Word.

Sarah still beautiful and desirable at 100?! Say what?
Sarah able to conceive at 100?! Say what?
How is this possible?
Through belief it is possible.
Believing is the key to activating faith which births the promise! Hallelujah!

When we accepted Christ as our Lord and personal Saviour we became the righteousness of God, it is because we believed in Him.
Our belief in Christ means that we have been accounted as the righteousness of God.
No condemnation.

Whomever lives in condemnation has not become the righteousness of God, because condemnation is of satan.
We are children of light and not of darkness.
We believe in Jesus Christ, and our belief in Him activates our faith, and our belief in Him has made us a new creation, a creation of righteousness and not of condemnation.

Lord I thank You for this Word.
Lord help me to remember that I can do all things through You alone.
Lord Help me to believe, I want to believe.
Lord help me to put my trust in Your promises.
No matter how crazy Your promises may sound, no matter how long they may take I know that You are a God that never fails.
I realise Lord that I need You in every situation of my life.
I cannot do without You.
You are my source of strength.
You are my provider.
You are my sustainer.
You are my help.

Lord I need You.
I need You right now.
I surrender all to You.
I lift my hands in worship,and I bow before Your throne.
I need You Lord.
I need You Lord.
Right now.

All we want is You.
Take over Lord.
Take everything, and take control.

We are anxious for nothing.
We believe Lord, oh yes!
We do believe.

Remember that faith without putting in the work of belief is dead.
The easiest way to believe is to continue to mediate on His promises, which we can find within His very Word.

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