DaFruits of Proclaiming Praises.(God Speaks).❤️️

I love the Lord, He heard my cry. And pitied every groan. Long as I, I live And troubles rise, I hasten to His throne.❤️️💝🙏🙌️ Where would I be?☺️ You only know. I’m glad You see Through eyes of love. A hopeless case, an empty place If not for grace.❤️️🙏🙌️ “Oh, sing to the LORD a new song!… Continue reading DaFruits of Proclaiming Praises.(God Speaks).❤️️

DaFruits of Being on The Lord’s Side.❤️

  Don’t worry. Rejoice! God’s got your back.😉👍🙌👏 Isn’t it amazing that Jesus felt what we feel. That’s the reason why I can relate to Jesus Christ, and it’s because He understands.  God isn’t some dead inanimate object. He is alive! I love God.☺️Edit😊️❤️ Jesus loves me! This I know, For the Bible tells me… Continue reading DaFruits of Being on The Lord’s Side.❤️