DaFruits of Attaching Your Life to The Perfect Will of God.❤🎊🎉

My God is awesome.
He can move mountains.
Keep me in the valley.
Hide me from the rain.❤️🙌
The devil is mad because not only am I still standing, but I’m still smiling to.
You Can’t Steal MY JOY.️😊✋
Your assignment on earth is not about having or belonging, rather it is to do the will of your Father in heaven.
The will of God is what matters most, everything we do must be attached to it.
When we seek God first, and He adds things unto us it is not just to satisfy our earthly joy, but to please God, and fulfil His will.
King Solomon was granted wisdom and much wealth not to have many wives, but to fulfil the will of His Father in heaven, to build the temple.
What you have, and where you belong has no value if God is not attached to it.
My advice to you this morning, is to just be quiet and listen to God.
Know the will of your Heavenly Father, and assess whether the things added unto to you are attached to His perfect will for your life.
You have to know the voice of God, you have to reflect on that which the Lord has already confirmed to you.
Seeking God first grants you clarity and peace.
You will have to let go of some things, certain decisions will have to be made, and it will hurt but it is all apart of the process.
Remember, that at the end of the day that you are living to please God.
You are not living to please anyone, any place, or anything.
It is very important that you know that.
Realise that the enemy can use pretty much anything or anyone to destroy you.
Focus on what matters most, God.
It is very easy to become trapped in a place of belonging that is not attached to the perfect will of God,
And fear is what keeps a lot of people in wrong associations.
You will need to be bold and just go for what God has said, discern the confirmations around you and deter away from the distractions.
Because once we allow ourselves to be entangled in distractions,
it becomes difficult to come out of it, simply because we have lost connection to the voice that matters most, God’s voice.
The key to our success is to acknowledge God.
Thank God for the things we have, for who and what we love, for where we belong, but before we step into 2016 just listen to what God has to say about all of that and listen to whether it is in line with His will.
It is scary to let go especially when that is the way that you are used to, but God will help you and it will all be worth it.
Do not put God on hold any longer, else you will be full of regret and remorse.
The Lord promised that your latter shall be greater, and it will only if you commit to and follow through with what He has said concerning your life.
It is very easy to become caught up when the things are added, so my advice to you this morning is to focus.
Quit feeling the need to explain what God has said to everybody, just keep quiet and simply do what God has told you to do.
It’s not all going to make sense, but I’m sure we all understand by now that God works in mysterious ways.
Brethren, king Solomon started well he acknowledged God, he sought God first, and he knew the importance of fulfilling the perfect will of God, the problem was that along the way he lost focus, and became attached to the wrong things, the wrong company that may have seemed innocently right for a man of his stature, he was a wealthy and a well respected king why shouldn’t he have had all of those things?
But the issue was that those things were distractions, and king Solomon was so far gone in those things that he did not even realize, he lost focus of who mattered most, God.
Do not let this be you, do not lose focus.
You do not need the many wives, the many material things, the wrong associations to prove your self worth,
Where is your focus, where is your heart, where is your mind?
Does it belong to God?
What profit a man to gain the whole world only to lose his soul?
If God does not have your soul then woe to you, that is what we call a dead man walking.
Not everything is what it seems, be a discerner of the times.
What you need is to be attached to God, to keep Him the centre of your focus,
and most importantly to fulfil His will on earth.
Time is short.
Don’t you realise that the years are just simply passing by, the return of our King is closer than you could ever imagine.
We just cannot simply afford to procrastinate any longer.
A year really is like a day to The Lord, and as the years are passing by I am seeing it the same way.
We must see with the eyes of faith.
The will of our Father is to preach the gospel, it is to establish His kingdom on earth.
Before king Solomon lost the plot, that is exactly what he was doing.
By building the temple, he was establishing God’s kingdom.
God is not going to add anything unto you if you do not have the desire to first establish His kingdom on earth.
Why should He?
Until we realise that it is all about Him we will never see the fullness of God, that’s scary.
The way the years are passing by like days, brethren it reveals that life in all its glory and abundance can only be found and given by God.
With satan it’s temporary, with God it’s permanent, it is everlasting.
Be determined to begin with God, think about your destiny, and your future.
Protect your destiny with silence.
Do not speak too soon, and do not longer when God is saying move.
I cannot stress enough the importance of listening to God, and being silent.
Mary and Joseph understood the power of protecting one’s destiny with silence.
God spoke, and they did not speak too much, they just listened, trusted, and acted upon His Word.
Children of God, many people have died this year, count your blessings you are still alive and there is a reason for that.
You have to thank God you know, with the many things that you went through you are still alive.
Some people only saw January, and that was there end,but you have seen December,and will surely see 2016.
You ought to praise His holy Name.
The reason you are still alive is not just to simply get married, no as lovely as that is, that is not the only reason you are alive.
Do you know that many Christians only live for one thing, and totally ignore living for Christ.
God forgive us.
To be honest we have all been there, focusing on living our lives a certain way, but when we live our lives God’s way we should embrace change.
Change is scary, but is not an enemy.
Change is good.
Change teaches, and stretches.
Change reveals who you really are.
Embrace change in the year 2016, and it shall surely work in your favour.
God had to close doors for me so that a change could take place in my life, and I am grateful.
This walk with Christ is a learning process, and I am willing and ready to learn.
I am still growing in The Lord.
When a Christian feels that they have arrived, they can never progress, grow, or develop, until they realise that they do not know everything, and cannot be or do anything without Him.
You have an assignment, and you must fulfil it.
Brethren, you have to be quiet and listen, listen to what God wants you to do and where God wants you to be.
Your life is about pleasing God,
He decorates our lives and makes it beautiful with all the lovely things He adds, but be careful to not allow yourself to lose focus when God adds to your life.
It is true that He gives and takes away, we ought to fear God.
Man did not give you life.
King Solomon had wisdom, he had wealth, but then he had many wives, and became foolish just like that.
He lost it all just like that.
What you need most is God, be quiet and listen to Him.
Let Him be your focus, and attach your life to His perfect will.
This year has taught me to listen to God no matter how uncomfortable it may feel when God speaks, because the Word of God is sharp.
Because the Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword it convicts me to be vigilant in the spirit.
This year has taught me that the only way to break through, is to pray violently.
That’s the only language that the enemy understands.
Literally, the kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force!
This year has taught me to make Godly decisions.
This year has taught me how to overcome.
The enemy is very sneaky, so as Christians we must learn to be strategic.
We have power, but in order to access the power given to us by God we must be sensitive in the spirit.
It is the only way to discern.
Absolutely no one, and absolutely nothing, can steal nor take away the Word of God from me!🔥🙌
Holy Spirit help us, our lifestyles ought to match that of Christ’s.
There is nothing impossible with God. Luke 1:37
Eyes that look are common. Eyes that see are rare.
Oswald Sanders

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