DaFruits of Hannah’s Prayer.(Hear My Cry Oh Lord!)❤️ 

There comes a time when even the preacher will ask you why you praise the way you do.
If they’ve never felt your pain, then they will never understand your praise.
“And it happened, as she continued praying before the LORD, that Eli watched her mouth.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:12
“Now Hannah spoke in her heart; only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard. Therefore Eli thought she was drunk.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:13‬ ‭
“So Eli said to her, “How long will you be drunk? Put your wine away from you!””
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:14‬ ‭
“But Hannah answered and said, “No, my lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit. I have drunk neither wine nor intoxicating drink, but have poured out my soul before the LORD.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:15‬ ‭
““Do not consider your maidservant a wicked woman, for out of the abundance of my complaint and grief I have spoken until now.””
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:16‬ ‭
“Then Eli answered and said, “Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him.””
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:17
What was the reason for Hannah to have behaved in such a way?
“And whenever the time came for Elkanah to make an offering, he would give portions to Peninnah his wife and to all her sons and daughters.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:4‬ ‭
“But to Hannah he would give a double portion, for he loved Hannah, although the LORD had closed her womb.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭
“And her rival also provoked her severely, to make her miserable, because the LORD had closed her womb.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:6‬ ‭
“So it was, year by year, when she went up to the house of the LORD, that she provoked her; therefore she wept and did not eat.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭
Hannah’s soul was grieved, she was ridiculed, and shamed.
For many years she prayed, and for many years the Lord was silent.
Until one day she prayed like she had never prayed before, she cried out to The Lord like she had never cried out to The Lord before.
She presented her petition before The Lord, and The Lord answered her.
The Lord heard her heartfelt cry, and He attended unto her prayer.

Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.

Psalm 61:1

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 61:2

For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.
Psalm 61:3
I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the covert of thy wings. Selah.
Psalm 61:4

For thou, O God, hast heard my vows: thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name.

Psalm 61:5

Thou wilt prolong the king’s life: and his years as many generations.

Psalm 61:6
He shall abide before God for ever: O prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him.
Psalm 61:7
So will I sing praise unto thy name for ever, that I may daily perform my vows.
Psalm 61:8
“And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the LORD and wept in anguish.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:10‬ ‭
“Then she made a vow and said, “O LORD of hosts, if You will indeed look on the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, and not forget Your maidservant, but will give Your maidservant a male child, then I will give him to the LORD all the days of his life, and no razor shall come upon his head.””
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:11
Hannah’s prayer was answered when she made her vow to the Lord.
Something has got to give, you’ve got to let something go before you receive your breakthrough, you’ve got to make that sacrifice, you’ve got to open up your heart to The Lord.
The question is what are you willing to let go of?
Hannah was willing to let go of the son that she prayed and cried for.
You see there’s a lot that we can learn from Hannah.
Hannah she had a resilient Spirit, she just did not give up so easily.
Sure she had a loving husband Elkanah who did not mind her situation, he did not despise nor hate her for not bearing a child for him,
“Then Elkanah her husband said to her, “Hannah, why do you weep? Why do you not eat? And why is your heart grieved? Am I not better to you than ten sons?””
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:8‬ ‭
but this was not enough for Hannah.
Hannah bore a destiny child, a child of promise.
“Then they rose early in the morning and worshiped before the LORD, and returned and came to their house at Ramah. And Elkanah knew Hannah his wife, and the LORD remembered her.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:19‬ 
“So it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived and bore a son, and called his name Samuel, saying, “Because I have asked for him from the LORD.””
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:20‬ ‭
“And she said, “O my lord! As your soul lives, my lord, I am the woman who stood by you here, praying to the LORD.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:26‬ ‭
“For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition which I asked of Him.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:27‬ ‭
“Therefore I also have lent him to the LORD; as long as he lives he shall be lent to the LORD.” So they worshiped the LORD there.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭1:28
You see sometimes we just don’t know what we carry.
You have to fight, like you’re fighting against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 
Ephesians 6:12
You have to cry, you have to shout.
You’ve just got to pray to bear that which the Lord has placed inside of you!
Say no, and no again to stagnation!
Say no, and no again to barrenness!
The Lord shall make you fruitful in Jesus Name, you shall bear good fruits!
Refuse it, refuse to settle, refuse to be comfortable, refuse to accept that nothing can be done about your current situation.
Men and women of God it is time that we arise like Hannah and pray like that of a mad man or a mad woman, pray like never before, and watch The Lord turn your situation around.
Enough is enough!
That was Hannah’s prayer enough is enough!
When you’re anointed you just can’t pray in a relaxed way, you must pray like you are fighting.
satan does not relax, and neither does his agents.
God said watch and pray.
You must PRAY without ceasing.
From hence forth and Lord God almighty help me, I must pray like Hannah prayed.
It is time to see results, it is time to BREAK THROUGH that closed door, that closed womb, that closed opportunity, that closed miracle, that closed healing.
The Lord must make a way for me, The Lord must declare it OPEN!
Amen and amen!
Hannah she could’ve just accepted it you know, she could’ve just accepted that she was barren and that’s it, but she presented her case before the Lord she refused to accept that there was no way, she pushed, Hannah;
Why have you stopped praying?
If Hannah had stopped praying she never would’ve seen her blessing, if Hannah had stopped praying a prophet would not have been born.
Yes Samuel was a prophet that the Lord had called, God used Samuel mightily for His glory, Samuel became like the mouthpiece of God.
There is a purpose to your pain, and you’re just not supposed to give up on it.
From your pain something beautiful must be birthed.
Be strong, and bold for you are a carrier of greatness.
They mock you because they are scared of you, they know that you are a carrier of God’s best.
They mock you because they are jealous of you, they pray and wish that you remain the way you are.
Refuse to allow the enemy to deceive you.
My brother and sister in Christ be encouraged, you must learn to pray from your heart.
You must have faith no matter how long it takes you must put your whole trust in God.
You must believe that The Lord will do it for you.
You must know that The Lord is more than able to make the impossible possible.
You must chase after the Lord.
You must press on and press through like that of the woman with the issue of blood, you must TOUCH the hem of His garment.
You must climb trees and rooftops like that of Zachaeus until you see God.
You must reach your full potential.
You must pray and you must cry, knowing that long suffering is a fruit of The Holy Spirit.
You must know that you are more than a conqueror, therefore you are destined to overcome.
Most importantly you must praise like David praised, you must confuse the enemy with your praise, you must praise your way through.
The enemy hates when we praise.
So never stop praying, and never stop praying.
Remember the Lord has not forgotten you.
He will answer, He will answer.
Never stop praying.
He will answer.
I know, I know how difficult and trying it can be when you’ve waited for so long.
I know how difficult and trying it can be when someone has what you also desire, but it seems impossible for you to have.
Remember Jehovah has the final say, and He will turn your life around for His glory.
Yes Jehovah has the final say in your life, and He will make your life beautiful.
Don’t give up.
Hannah she cried to God, that woman of God PRAYED.
Her womb was closed, her case was hopeless, but her faith opened her womb.
It’s your faith that will make closed doors open for you.
It’s your faith that will turn bad situations around.
How much faith do you have?
Your faith must take, something has just got to give.
Their son Samuel also grew in the ways of The Lord.
Samuel was a young minister, God is not a respecter of age nor persons. The Lord can use whomever He pleases for His glory.
“But Samuel ministered before the LORD, even as a child, wearing a linen ephod.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:18‬ ‭
“And the child Samuel grew in stature, and in favor both with the LORD and men.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:26‬ ‭
Listen, The Lord will answer you but
you must never stop praying.😊
Hannah’s Prayer.
“And Hannah prayed and said: “My heart rejoices in the LORD; My horn is exalted in the LORD. I smile at my enemies, Because I rejoice in Your salvation.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭
““No one is holy like the LORD, For there is none besides You, Nor is there any rock like our God.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭
““Talk no more so very proudly; Let no arrogance come from your mouth, For the LORD is the God of knowledge; And by Him actions are weighed.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:3‬ ‭
““The bows of the mighty men are broken, And those who stumbled are girded with strength.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭
“Those who were full have hired themselves out for bread, And the hungry have ceased to hunger. Even the barren has borne seven, And she who has many children has become feeble.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:5‬ ‭
““The LORD kills and makes alive; He brings down to the grave and brings up.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:6‬ ‭
“The LORD makes poor and makes rich; He brings low and lifts up.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:7‬ ‭
“He raises the poor from the dust And lifts the beggar from the ash heap, To set them among princes And make them inherit the throne of glory. “For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’s, And He has set the world upon them.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:8‬ ‭
“He will guard the feet of His saints, But the wicked shall be silent in darkness. “For by strength no man shall prevail.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:9‬ ‭
“The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken in pieces; From heaven He will thunder against them. The LORD will judge the ends of the earth. “He will give strength to His king, And exalt the horn of His anointed.””
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭
“Then Elkanah went to his house at Ramah. But the child ministered to the LORD before Eli the priest.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:11‬ ‭
Hannah was a strong and powerful woman of God because she knew how to pray.
Hannah knew how to praise through her pain.
Hannah understood humility, she humbled herself before the presence of The Lord.
All of Hannah’s strength and help came from The Lord.
Hannah rejoiced in the presence of her enemies she praised her way through
Hannah and her husband Elkanah understood true worship, sacrifice, and they knew how to reverence the presence of God.
They were blessed, and united because they prayed together.
“Moreover his mother used to make him a little robe, and bring it to him year by year when she came up with her husband to offer the yearly sacrifice.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:19‬ ‭
“And Eli would bless Elkanah and his wife, and say, “The LORD give you descendants from this woman for the loan that was given to the LORD.” Then they would go to their own home.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:20‬ ‭
Hannah and Elkanah blessed The Lord and because of this The Lord blessed them, and honoured them.
God continued to open Hannah’s womb, and made her more fruitful.
Just when you thought that was it, the Lord surprised you with more and more blessings.
The Lord shall most certainly favour you.
The Lord shall show up when you least expect it.
The Lord has NOT finished with you!
Be encouraged.
“And the LORD visited Hannah, so that she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters. Meanwhile the child Samuel grew before the LORD.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭2:21‬ ‭
Where is your faith?
Do not misplace it in man.
Put your faith in God, and do not lose it.
God promises to make a way for you.
God bless. 😊🙏

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