DaFruits of Giving Thanks.(The testimony of my year).πŸ’

I just want to.
Take a little time right now.
To thank You Lord.
For all You’ve done for me.
I just want to thank You Lord.β€οΈπŸ™πŸ™Œ

I don’t have much to say now but thank You Lord.
Thank You for keeping me.
Thank You for the vision.
Thank You for the amazing people You brought into my life.
Thank You for my destiny helpers.πŸ’πŸ™


Lord I thank You for where I am, and for where You will take me.
Lord I thank You for Your Word.
Your Word has been my pillar, my strength, my backbone, my joy, my encouragement, my everything.
Lord thank You for teaching me on the Heart of worship.πŸ’πŸ™Œ

You’ve always been faithful.
The wilderness was tough, but You never left me.

Thank You Lord for all these revelations!
For writing just over 80 blogposts through me, and I trust there are more to come.
Lord thank You for using me as a vessel to be a blessing to others.
Lord thank You for the many opportunities that You have brought my way.
Anytime I think oh this must be it for now, You bring forth another opportunity without me having to locate it myself.
It’s all from You.
Lord thank You for Your uncommon favour.
Lord thank You for baptising me in Your fire this year, and for empowering me with Your spiritual gifts.
I never knew that you would use me to prophesy, I never knew I would speak in new tongues, I never knew I would do a lot of things.
I never knew I would, but I found out I could because of You.πŸ”₯β€οΈπŸ™Œ


I’m happy when unbelievers like or comment on His Word, to me it means they are being convicted!
I’m excited each time I see someone views His Word from across the globe!β€οΈπŸ˜€πŸ™Œ



This year the vision became clearer, and this is only the beginning.
Great things He has done, and greater things He will do.
I trust God with my future, and I want you to trust God with your future to.

It’s good to take advice, but when it comes to your future please take it to God first.
For He alone knows our beginning, and end.
Now, when you ask God about your future be prepared for Him to bring forth a change in your life.
The change at first will be scary, because not everyone will believe it is possible for you to do.
But in every situation, and especially for the year 2015 you must trust The Lord.
There will be challenges, people close to you will try to discourage you but in all just keep your eyes fixed on God.
God can never lie to you.
He is the Lion of Judah!πŸ”₯πŸ™Œ

For some people he is going to change the people around you.
Everyone that’s not for His vision He will take away.
Do not be disheartened when He does so, sometimes He will bring you to a place of nothingness so that He can work on you.
Some of us need to be worked on, because there are great tasks that He is preparing us for.

Take this time to reflect and thank God, for in the year 2015 you have got to trust God more, because He is bringing more into your life.
This year He is going to do more through you.
He is going to equip you with more, and He is going to surround you with more spiritually like minded people.
More destiny helpers are coming your way, more spiritual gifts are coming your way.
Get ready for more in the year 2015.
For many this will be the year of walking in your calling.

In the year 2015 more testimonies are coming!
I thank God that this year I was bold to share my own testimony with my family, and then with you.
More breakthroughs are coming in 2015, no more will you remain in the same place.


In the year 2015 The Lord wants many of us to focus.
Not on the world, but The Lord wants us to focus more on Him.
The Lord does not want there to be anymore lukewarm believers.
He wants hearts that are ready and on fire for Him.
Neither does The Lord want anymore world/Christ entertainers in His house.
He says the church must get it right.
He says we must stop trying to reach the world without Him.
He says we do not need to be like the world to reach the world, rather we need to be like Christ.
Imitators of Christ and not of the world.
He says the church must get it right.
The church has allowed the enemy in, we must get him out!

He says stop looking at how others did it just focus on how I The Lord will do it for you.
He wants many of us to stop rushing, and to start waiting on Him.
He says there is a season and time for everything.
He will do what He says He will do in His own time.

He wants many of us to know that He is taking us to higher heights.
He says the more we worship Him, the more we humble ourselves before Him, the more He will elevate us.
There will be challenges, but He says do not be afraid He is with you and those challenges are there to make you stronger.
He says do not despise challenges, and do not despise humble beginnings.
For it is from those humble beginnings that I The Lord will raise up leaders, I will raise up men and women to show forth My signs and wonders.
He is going to do a lot through you.
Trust Him.

He is looking for people that will show of more of Him and less of themselves.
He is the Heart of our Worship.
That is the testimony of my year, where it is and always all about Him, about Jesus, and it’s not about me.
I’m just a vessel, His servant in which He uses for His glory.
Everything comes from Him.
Nothing is possible without Him.

At the end of 2012 I made a decision to get back into His Word.
At the end of 2013 I started DaFruits.
This year He has raised me up, and used me to minister.


Only God knows the plans He has for me.
I’ll trust Him with my future.
Take, change it, do whatever You want with it, for it is Your will.
I’ll say yes to Your will, and to Your way.
I’ll most certainly trust You, and obey.

Lord we are grateful, thankful, and we trust You with all that You are about to do in our lives.Lord all we want to say is Thank You Lord.❀️

In the year 2015 I refuse to worry, lose hope, or be disheartened.
Nope instead I’ll choose to believe God no matter what.

I asked God for favour and He favoured me according to His will and not mine.
He knows what He is doing.
I trust God with my future.
He is the same God that made the impossible possible in my life.
He is my provider, and I trust that whatever direction He leads me into He will be my Jehovah Jireh.

I have to realise that where He is taking me is not the same as everybody else, neither does it have to be the same.
You see I had no idea that The Lord would do what He has done in 2014.
In the same way I have no idea of what He will do in the year 2015 but guess what? I’ll trust God with my future anyway.

Children of God be encouraged, and do not fear when The Lord takes you into a different direction.
Be encouraged He does not have to take you in the same direction as your brother or your sister.
His ways are not our ways, we will not always understand.

Trust God with your future, and in the year 2015 just follow His lead.
He will do what He wants to do in your life, according to His will.
Glory be to God.
Don’t waste your life trying to please others.
Live to please God.
Never compare yourself to others.
What they have you might not have, but in the same way they don’t have what YOU have.

In the year 2015 you will find success only in that which He wills for you to do.

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