DaFruits of reflecting on His goodness.❤️

He prompts me again, He convicts me again, and so I’m sharing again.


One thing that I’ve learnt from The Lord in this season is that we should not worry or be afraid about sharing or going over the same Word.
He says meditate on His Word day and night, you’ve got to keep in His Word till that Word becomes apart of YOU.


There’s so many Words that He has revealed to me over the past two years and He has taken me through this season of reflection.
It’s important to reflect on The Words that He reveals to you.
Sometimes it might be easy to preach but often it is not easy to put what you preach into practice.
Sometimes it is easy to encourage others but not so easy to encourage yourself.
Often it is easy to read His Word but it is not easy to grasp what He reveals in His Word, and that takes The Holy Spirit, that takes spending time in His Word.

I encourage every believer to reflect and look back on The Words that The Lord has spoken to you.
For some of us that maybe the reason why we are far from our breakthrough, because we have forgotten The Words in which He has spoken.
Often I have to remind myself of His promises just to keep myself encouraged.

Sometimes I feel like Joseph, he had a great dream but he was in a bottomless pit instead of reflecting on his current situation, Joseph kept his eyes fixed on God, Joseph kept his eyes fixed on what The Lord revealed to him.
We will often find ourselves in similar situations, but instead of reflecting on our problems we must choose to reflect on God.

God is always truth, and He indeed always has the final say.
Looking to God, reflecting on His promises cancels out EVERY negative situation that has troubled your mind.
Remember reflecting on negativity gets you nowhere, but reflecting on God moves you into greatness.
You might not see it now, but didn’t God promise it?
So stop worrying, have faith, and look to Him.
He makes the impossible possible.

Often I look back on what The Lord has already done so that I am expectant of even greater things to come.
The Lord is saying go back to my Word, and return to the heart of worship, where it is all about Him.
Go back and remind yourself of my goodness.

Never stop pondering on His goodness.

For a while now I have not been able to stop reflecting on the worship song ‘The Heart of Worship’, I’ve listened to that song so many times and it really never does get old.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with meditating or going back on one particular Word.
Maybe The Lord only wants to reveal to you one particular thing for that specific season.

Remain until He reveals.

Reflect and meditate on My Word, says The Lord.
I have spoken, many times I have spoken, I have revealed but you have moved on so many times that you have missed what I said.
Move when He says move, stay when He says stay, do not act without being prompted by The Lord.

When you spend time in God’s Word you will develop a habit whereby you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
Where you will not move unless He prompts you to, but you will go when He says “Go”.
If you spend time in His Word you will notice that this is the mindset that the many great men and women of God had in His Word.
They were able to hear His voice so clearly because of the amount of time they spent seeking The Lord.

I encourage you to reflect on His Word from the beginning to understand what it really is, and what it really takes to have a true relationship with God.
There are so many lukewarm believers today because they do not READ THEIR BIBLE.
If believers do not read their bible then who exactly are we claiming to believe in?
We cannot reflect on The One that we do not know.
And if we cannot reflect on The One that we do not know, then we can never know who we truly are.

He desires a relationship, He desires to ignite our hearts with His fire, but it all depends on us.
Are we willing to put our all into getting to know Him in these last days?
Or are we still going to be at this lukewarm stage??
He desires hearts on fire for Him!

Spending personal time in His presence is something that I did when I desired to develop my relationship with Christ, after going to church for many years I realised that I never really had a relationship with God because I did not spend time in His Word,
His Word which gives life, His Word which is Jesus Christ the living Word, He reveals who we really are.
As believers we must STRIVE to become the person HE desires us to be, HIS image.
I know what I know now because I sought the One worth knowing, Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of my faith.
He desires to ignite our hearts with His fire.
Keep meditating on His Word and the fire shall never go out.

Now is the time for you to go back, says The Lord and reflect on that which I have revealed to You.
For I have spoken.
It is time for you to hear.
Remember that The Word of God never gets old, never hold His Word back from anyone if He prompts you obey and share.

I don’t share His Word for my own satisfaction I share because He prompts me to, and as believers that is what we are supposed to do.

You just never know who might be blessed by what you have shared.

It’s a season of reflecting and meditating.
Reflect on His Word so that He will continue to reveal Himself to you.
But remember that you can never reflect on that which you do not know.
Seek Him there is no excuse for believers to not read The Word.
That’s a Holy Ghost anger right there how can believers in these last days still not desire to seek The Lord?!
That’s just unacceptable.

Keep meditating on His Word and the fire shall never go out.

I cannot reflect on the heart of fire without first going back to His altar, and what is His altar?
His Word.
Put your heart into His Word, and witness Him ignite the fire within your heart.

Reflect, go back, return to His altar and ponder on His goodness.
Remember that His Word keeps the fire burning.
Remember that by reflecting and constantly mediating on His Word we remain encouraged, strengthened, and empowered.

Seek Him, Reflect on His goodness, Remember His faithfulness, and Meditate on His Word.

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