DaFruits of His Chapter.❤️


If we keep opening new chapters without finishing the chapter we are currently on, then we will never finish the story.

Finish the chapter first and then move on.
Finish the chapter, complete His story.

The chapter is the trial,the test, the challenge, but the story is His will.
The story which is His will is predestined, making it perfect.
The trial prepares us for the completion of His story, His will.
God predestines a perfect story.
The end result is always perfect.
Therefore since the end result is always perfect it really does not matter what chapter we find ourselves in.

It may be the most challenging chapter, but all that really does not matter because He predestines the ending to be perfect.
Which means He has predestined us to overcome every chapter in our lives.

Now since He has given us free will we have the option to choose what we do with the chapters that we are in.
We are destined to overcome the chapter and complete the story.
But it’s up to us to open chapters and complete the story, or close chapters and never complete the story.

We must not be afraid to open chapters and finish each one.
God is not a partial God so we cannot operate in each and every chapter partially.
Don’t rush the chapter.
Don’t bypass the chapter.
Finish it, and move on.
For every chapter we complete draws us closer and closer to His perfect story, to His perfect will.

In every chapter of our lives we must be sensitive towards His leading.
Complete the story, complete His will, and He shall surely reward you.
We live in His book.
We live in His story.
He predestined a perfect story.
But will we be bold enough to stand steadfast in each and every chapter?
We have the victory.
He has given us the power and dominion to move into new chapters.

Every chapter is a lesson, and every lesson prepares us for new chapters, new challenges.
Every lesson prepares us for greatness.
So lets overcome each and every chapter.
He said we can do it.
Lets put our trust in The One who wrote our story.
Lets complete His story.

Do not open chapters out of frustration.
That is dangerous because it will deter you away from the will of God.
Do not open chapters because man told you to, open chapters because God said so.
Man does not know all, God does.
Refrain from opening chapters that The Lord has not written.
From chapters that are not apart of His will.

Opening chapters that The Lord has not written will cause delay, destruction, and death.
Adam and Eve opened the chapter of sin which opened the chapter of death, yet they were already living in the chapter of life.
The Israelites opened the chapter of frustration and rebellion, which opened the chapter of delay,
yet they were supposed to be living in the chapter of the promised land.

Lord forgive us and help us not to open the chapter of sin, but to open the chapter of righteousness in order to fulfil Your will.
Our desire is to serve You Lord and complete Your perfect story, all for Your glory.
Teach us in every chapter oh Lord, show us Your way, and lead our paths.

Appreciate your humble beginnings the latter shall surely be great.
Appreciate your humble chapters the end of the story shall surely be great.
There is no story without chapters, appreciate the chapter that you are in.

being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; Philippians 1:6

Our story is all about Him.
We live to please Him.
Every chapter leads to Him.

Blessed be The Name of The Lord.
You are worthy to be praised and adored.
So we lift up holy hands with one accord.
Singing blessed be The Name, blessed be The Name, blessed be The Name of The Lord.

In every chapter comes change, be prepared for the many changes ahead.
Do not despise change, we must learn to be adaptable.
Change is the key to maturity, and maturity is the key to success.
We are destined for success, and we become successful when we complete His story.
This morning I challenge you, I challenge myself to not be afraid of change but to go for it.
As I am learning to be sensitive to His leading I have found that many opportunities to minister and share His Word has flown my way.
I didn’t go for it, it has come to me.
Favour has found me, and I praise God for that.
He interrupts your life when favour finds you.
Do not be afraid of the chapters that bring forth change, for I believe that this change shall surely bring forth His favour.
In The Mighty Name of Jesus!
Be who God says you are.
You are who He says you are in every chapter.
You are who He says you are at the end of the chapter.
So declare it, speak it forth, for your breakthrough must come, you must finish this race, you must complete this story.
And what is the story of every believer?
The story of every believer is to live to worship The King, and to give Him glory.
Yes our story is to give GOD glory.
May The Lord continue to build us up towards the end, towards the promised land, the land that flows with milk and honey.
We refuse cliffhangers in our life, we will not reach a cliffhanger but we shall surely complete His story.
We shall not die before our time but we shall live, and live to declare The Word of God.
Oh yes we reject cliffhangers they are not our portion.
We will only end up being in a cliffhanger if we follow our own ways and not His.
We must abide by His leading, that is the only way to get to where He wants us to be, and not end up entangled in our own cliffhanger because we selfishly followed our own ways, our own desires, and our own plans.
What really matters is what He wants us to do, what He has called us to do, because life is short but eternal in Him, and we do not want to end up blindly serving ourselves which is serving satan instead of God.
We do not want to end up never knowing how the story ends.
We can only know how the story ends through Christ He does not leave us in suspense, He does not keep us guessing, He is not a God of confusion, He is a God that reveals truth, and He will surely lead us to our true ending.
What The Lord has started He shall surely bring to completion!
We overcome every chapter because we remain victorious.

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