DaFruits of The Day of Arising.❤


Jesus died and on the third day He arose.
There is Power in The Name of Jesus to Break Every Chain!
Victory is yours, He has given you the victory.
Victory Belongs To You!

Whatever you are passing through, going through, remember that it is but for a season.

On the third day you shall rise again!
Stagnation is not your portion, you must progress.
Progress in your career, business, family, studies, ministry.
You must progress in your worship!
On the third day you must arise, The Lord must elevate you to greatness!

Like Christ We Must Arise!
But remember before you arise, you must first drink from the cup of suffering, you must first make that sacrifice.
The sacrifice of worship.
Sacrificial service of worship is not always easy but is always worth it.
The season before Jesus arose was not easy, though He had to pass through that season before He could arise.
Jesus could not run away from that season of suffering, He could not hide from that season, He faced that season and overcame that season.

Sowing seeds is not always easy, labouring is not always is it, but it is always worth it.
The seeds that you sow are not in vain believe me when I say that a season of reaping the harvest shall surely come to pass.
But it all depends on you, it all depends on your faithfulness, it all depends on your tenacity.
Do you trust God?
Then do not give up so easily.
Hold on to God and be strong.
God has not forgotten you.

Sometimes I wonder how did Jesus endure and persevere through all that suffering on the day of crucifixion?
And then I remember the days before His crucifixion where He prayed and fasted for forty days and forty nights.
It was prayer and fasting that strengthened, comforted, and encouraged The Lord to persevere and overcome.
You see prayer and fasting is so very important.
Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, prayer is the master key.

Prayer is the master key to your breakthrough.

It was through prayer and fasting that Jesus was able to overcome the temptations of satan.
satan tempted Jesus to destroy the perfect predestined will of God.
satan tried to deceive, discourage, and destroy Jesus.
But Jesus rose above satan through the power of prayer and fasting.

Jesus persevered and He conquered.
He is able, more than able.
He is our help.
He is our strength.
He arose and He is crowned King of kings and Lord of lords.
Help me Lord to never seek a crown my reward is giving glory to You.

Weeping may endure for a night but JOY cometh in the morning!
Revision may endure for a night but Joy cometh in the morning!
Arise and shine, and give God the glory!
He tore the veil, He made a way, when He said that It Is FINISHED.
He tore the veil, He made a way, when He said that It Is FINISHED.

His Blood has made us whole, and by His stripes We Are Healed! Glory to God!
I said there is POWER in the Name of JESUS to BREAK EVERY chain, because Jesus died and ROSE again!
He has risen! He is alive, death could not hold Him captive!

He is our Saviour, He can move the mountains, He is mighty to save, He is the author of salvation.
Jesus rose and conquered the grave!
It is time to arise because our Redeemer lives, hallelujah!
He has won the victory!
He has won it all for me.
Death could not hold You down.
You are the risen King!
He is seated in majesty, and He is the risen King!

He has eradicated the curse of death.
We have been set free.
We are heirs of salvation.
We have been predestined for greatness.
We are more than conquerors, like Christ overcame the shame, the pain, the cross. Death.
We to posses that same power because He lives.
Jesus lives in you and I, and because He lives we can face tomorrow, we can overcome tomorrow, because ALL fear is gone.

He is Lord.
He is Lord.
He has risen from the dead and He is Lord.
Every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.❤
He arose, and you can to, He has given us that same power! Hallelujah!
It was through prayer that Jesus was encouraged to drink from the cup of suffering, and from suffering to sacrifice He Arose!
He is The Light of the world.
Arise and shine for Christ!
Arise and pray.
Be encouraged and persevere.

The love of The Lord is what will cause us to arise.
He loved us so much that He sent His only begotten son to die so that we might arise.
We arise according to His perfect predestined will, and His will is not selfish His will is selfless.
His will is love.

Let there be love shared among us.
Let there be love in our eyes.
Cause us to love in this nation.
Cause us oh Lord to Arise!
Give us a fresh understanding of oh Your love that is real.
Let there be love shared among us.
Let there be love.❤🙏

Remember that Jesus did NOT remain in sorrow in The Garden of Gethsamene.
Remember that Jesus did NOT remain on the cross in Golgotha.
Remember that Jesus did NOT remain in the tomb, God rolled the stone of stagnation away, He arose from the grave.
He has rolled away the pain, shame, and stagnation.
He has rolled away death.
Arise for He lives!

The cup of suffering was bitter but the fruits of salvation is sweet.
The cross was bitter but victory is sweet.

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